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Unlike every birthday, this year I don’t feel like kicking and screaming against growing.

Age is definitely not showing on me, I mean how many 22 yr olds have acne problems! Though looks wise I peaked when I was 5 years old and its been downhill ever since.

So how was my 22nd trip around the Sun? Pretty eventful I must say.

1. Lived through a torturous semester in Pilani as the old man surrounded by unrecognizable faces. I realized I don’t really thrive in change as much as I thought I would.

2. Spent two crazy weeks in Denmark and later Sweden hanging out with passionate climate change activists. December in Scandinavia is something.

3. Meeting four wingies and friends from Pilani in Brussels told me I’ll never have to worry about being lonely in most western countries.

4. Grew a big pair of balls to take a decision that its best not to work in the renewable energy sector in India for now and gave up a well paying job offer. At least I was certain the job would have bored me in a few months. Sigh… I might just come back to this post in 5 years and curse that I’m still unable to earn as much as I would have right out of college. But thankfully my brain doesn’t work that ways, at least not yet.

5. Starting a company with some of the best people I could find. Its lucky that they are all my friends and that would make starting up a little less painful and lot more fun.

6. Losing my grandmother a few weeks back. This hurt a lot more than I imagined.

7. I wrote a lot and made real good money doing that. Not that I still don’t find writing very painful, just that I’ve learnt to ignore it.

8. Interning as a research assistant in a genetics lab working on similar stuff that my 8th and 9th standard science projects were about. I didn’t think this childhood dream would ever come true, but it accidentally did. And I’m now proud to have contributed one tiny thing to furthering our understanding of the world. Its incredible that all I really wanted to be was a geneticist as a kid and I finally got that chance.


When do you stop obeying?

Your parents pick out what you study and where. They then nudge you towards the job which you soon hate. They helpfully tell you that its all for the long term, when this work experience would help you study further. You go to grad school to get out of the previous job you hated. You then take the highest paying job you get out of grad college, making more money than you ever hoped to. You happily obey for a while at the new job, enjoy the golden cage you just built for yourself. Your relatives decide its time for you to get married, they’ll be more than willingly pick out your spouse for you.

If you are really lucky you’ll never realize that you are living with instructions. But more often than not somewhere down the line you will find out and continue living in quiet desperation, because really you don’t know any other way.

Obey giant

Obey Propaganda

If you feel angry about living with instructions, then stop obeying. The world won’t end if you start living.

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"I rarely end up where I was intending to go, but often I end up somewhere that I needed to be." - Douglas Adams

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