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Wadhwa and Thiel

Dedicated to two of my sources of inspiration.

Techcrunch was once my daily staple. Today I go there when I need some entertainment reading. But I make it a point to read and bookmark all of Vivek Wadhwa‘s posts. He’s the sanest writer they’ve got, which is perhaps why even after more than a dozen posts he’s still credited as a guest author. He definitely doesn’t seem to belong there. I especially love his analysis and flow of writing.

I love contrarians. And Vivek’s very sane advice of playing it a little safe is contrarian in the American entrepreneurship world. He gets a lot of people who really need to know that being Zuckerberg is not the definition of success. I wish I could follow what he suggests, but since I started a company while in college and failed multiple times, I guess its too late. At least I’ve never really seriously considered dropping out, although dropping a semester was the best decision ever.

Peter Thiel is another of my favorite icons. I think he and Elon Musk would be great contenders to play real-life Batman. Both certainly can afford building all the gadgetry themselves! Peter is another contrarian. Their immense intellectual abilities and appetites are astound me. If you Google for Peter Thiel, you’ll find videos of him talking about everything from America’s economy to an analysis of an obscure 1967 book. Peter just started a grant for students to drop out of college. I think its kind of the wrong incentive to give. Perhaps a dedicated venture fund might have been a better vehicle to find the brilliant college drop-outs.

Both these guys have gone to great lengths to support and prove their beliefs. Vivek with his data based analysis and Peter with his drop-out grant. I would love to see them debate this out! At least debating with Peter will get Vivek the attention he deserves.


Commonwealth Games

We are no China. The Beijing Games announced China had arrived. The Commonwealth Games up till now tell us India definitely hasn’t.

These games instead of raising morale of the entire nation and giving us all something to be proud about, have turned the entire nation to feeling appalled and angry. The media’s role in focusing our attention only on the bad, shows us how irresponsible they are. Research shows that bad news sells faster and better than good news. And so everybody plays along.

I think its awesome to have great stadiums and building them in Delhi was no mean feat. But our bureaucracy’s is still struggling to come to terms with being a part of modern India, where everything happens at the speed of business.

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