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Silence of the lambs

I’m truly shocked by the turn of events in the students union(SU) elections. Majority of students voted for ‘none’ instead of the only candidate(Rachit) in the fray(after the other candidate’s nomination was canceled). Now that would be understandable if Rachit wasn’t good enough to be a president. But that is certainly far from the truth. You rarely ever get a Aditya Birla scholar, Goldman Sachs leader and an NTS scholar standing for a post like this.

For the past many years the SU Presidents and General Secretarys have been very unimpressive and mediocre leaders. It had never been their vision or capabilities that had brought them to power but just petty politics of regionalism and factionalism. The past three Presidents could barely even fulfill their manifesto promises! The previous General Secretary was a whiff of fresh air and a very sincere and thoughtful leader. I really thought he was the first of many to come responsible BITSians who would proudly contest elections for more than just scoring resume points. But last night we just screwed that up. And the vulgar ‘celebrations’ that followed were just disgusting. Half naked people shouting slogans and whirling hockey sticks. One could easily be mistaken that somebody had won.

I think this year certainly saw the two smartest President candidates in a very long time. Either one of them had the potential to do well. How unfortunate that Nitesh’s candidature was canceled leaving only Rachit standing. This decision couldn’t have been very easy to make and Nitesh certainly must have deserved it. Surprisingly there was a wave of sympathy for Nitesh and this was flamed into a structured campaign for ‘None’. Seriously how idiotic are we BITSians? With the festivals coming up, delaying the elections by a whole month is just going to set us back more than we can fathom. Would Rachit have been such a bad president, that we would rather not choose than choose him? He is one of the brightest and honest people on campus, people who would stay miles away from the murky waters of politics. It was his idealism and passion to change the system that made him contest the elections. We could hardly let such a deed go unpunished.

I believe this happened because few people were even thinking. We’ve survived for so long by not caring for the SU, that we would rather be sheep and vote for any random guy. Ex: One guy who thought ‘a one man race is no fun’. What a moron, but sadly not the only one. Most of us would rather be sheep following the words of some faceless kingmaker out there, than think and be leaders. Last night just reflected the Indian political scenario and we BITSians were the illiterate villagers who bring bigots and ineffective parties to power every time. Well, we get the leadership we deserve. Somebody should have given us wisdom along with the high IQs, which is certainly not serving us well.

I’m truly ashamed.

ps: And no, I did not campaign or lobby for anybody, even though I know Rachit as a friend. His manifesto did not impress me much, but was better than what others had, which is why I voted for him.


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