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A self sustained community in India

Tilonia is better known as the ‘Barefoot College'(because people who come to train literally couldn’t afford shoes), which has been drawing all its electricity from the sun since 1986. The college was designed to be a self-sustained community that generated its own power, supplied its own water, recycled its waste and also train people from different parts of the country to replicate the same model in their villages. This college covers around 82,349 sq km with 110 villages and 100,000 inhabitants.

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Climate Change podcast for Th!nk About It

I’m a blogger for Th!nk About It’s Th!nk2 Climate Change competition. This entitles me to a free trip to Copenhagen(!yay!), which is 11 days away as I write this post.

Even before the competition begins, few of us got together to start discussing our ideas and thoughts on climate change and putting them out as podcasts. I was in the second podcast which also included Domen Savič from Slovenia, Yordanka Stoyanova from Bulgaria and Joël Adami from Luxemburg.

It was very interesting to exchange ideas with smart and motivated youth from different parts of the world. I wasn’t very well prepared and was quite tired, so I’m not very satisfied with my thoughts. I’ve linked the podcast below for you to listen to or download. I can’t figure out how to embed it, so I’ve linked to a different page where it is embedded. It is a tad bit long at 46minutes, but I suggest listening to the first 20minutes of our discussion.

Description: What is climate change and how do we respond to it? How is the media covering the climate change, where is the political backing of the efforts and how effective are the NGOs who are working in this area?


Also expect a barrage of posts coming up in the future on climate change. I’ve been writing a lot of exciting stuff on climate change as a part of IYCN’s Agents of Change Policy working group member. I shall share some of my finished papers and articles soon enough.

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