Traveling cheap in Europe

Traveling to Europe if you earn in rupees can be very daunting. Boy the euros can flow with little control, especially if you have credit card and towards the end of the journey you might seriously consider never returning back to India because at least you wouldn’t have to sell your kidney to pay off your credit card bills. But fear not with a little care and planning Europe is actually not that expensive to travel in for the brave and the open minded. I speak from my experience of being to Europe many times whilst still a poor undergraduate student.

1. Plan your countries well and try to include bordering countries which will save you money on rail passes (by far the cheapest way to travel). Italy is inexpensive as are Germany and France. Scandinavia is super expensive, Switzerland is comparable.

2. Book your tickets at least two months in advance to get the cheapest return ticket. If you are planning for multiple countries, pick a central European city to fly to and from. Flying out from the same airport will save you quite a bit of money. I suggest Zurich, which makes France, Germany, Italy and Austria accessible or Brussels, which is close to Netherlands, Germany, France and UK.

3. Stay in youth hostels, which are everywhere and very clean. Buying a youth hostel membership(INR 100 per year) will get you discounts and near guaranteed accommodation during peak seasons. I always couchsurfed and met a lot of interesting people.

4. Eat a monster breakfast and a light lunch and dinner. Healthier way to eat too.

5. And lastly walk or use public transport. Europe is tiny, so use a map to figure out where you got to go and you just might be able to walk instead of even using public transport.

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