I’m super excited to be attending the UN Climate Change Conference at Copenhagen in December this year.

Its called the COP15 because it is the fifteenth Conference Of the Parties. When the year started off great many things were expected as an outcome of the COP15. It’s quite clear now that most of those expectations will not be met, the climate issue has turned out be too complicated to be resolved soon.

It is one of the largest UN conferences ever and the Copenhagen will be the center of the world for two weeks. The city also promises to turn into a colorful place with lots of activists and environmentalists. The hippy in me can’t wait to meet young activist folk from all over the world. In my September trip to Copenhagen I figured out the places to eat, drink and chill out; so I’m going to have fun. A damper though, Copenhagen is possibly the world’s most expensive city, an American friend described the prices as “makes US look Mexico and India look like Nigeria”.


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