Learning from the 17 days past.

Hurrah! I’ve completed 17 days of my internship without any disaster or missing a day. Its amazing I’ve followed a routine for two continuous weeks. I’ve always found following routines and timetables really hard. I like unpredictability and chaos. Surprisingly doing this internship has come quite naturally to me. Maybe because I love this job enough to do it for free.

I think I’ll like a 9-5 job(or a 10-6.30 job rather). People say they want to startup because they DON’T want a 9-5 job, I wonder if they want the 10-1am kind instead. I especially like the going back home part to a warm bath, good food and a movie. SInce I’m working in a startup incubated in an investment consultancy, I get to see and feel the experience of a startup as well as that of a medium size organization. Incubation of course means the pampering and having more resources at hand than the average startup, but that doesn’t cut down the work. Especially when you have competitors breathing down your neck. As an intern I get to go back home so do the employees of Intellecap, but the founders stay back and slog it out till late night. And not having a life of your own when you are not even 30 is hard to live with. I’m just wondering if the victory will be worth it or if the failure won’t kill your spirit.

I’m not sure if starting up will be easier for me if I have a family. Because it’ll be so much easier to leave the office. I remember last year in Chennai when I had a really bad place to live for the summer. It sucked my life out and spending time walking on the streets, was what I did instead of going to the room even after a long day. Thats the kind of a living place that’ll push you into spending time on work just so that you are distracted.

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