Exciting things that happened last week.

This week has been the best one of the week. Oasis ensured a week of fun and frolic. The live bands in Rocktaves and Lucky Ali made the nights fun. The days were spent on quizzes and dances. Also my oldest friend from childhood(we’ve known each other and studied together for 17years!) was here and we had good fun together.

Also I broke out of my jinx for coming second in everything. A little history of the jinx. In the past semester I came second in some seven-eight competitions(ranging from a quiz to a paper presentation to a bplan competition). It pretty much drove me nuts and I remember trying to screw up in a quiz and come third for a change, didn’t happen. But this Oasis, I came third in a quiz! And the next day came first in the biggest quiz of the fest- OQ(oasis quiz). The quiz was great fun and was totally my style. So the three of us owned the stage and beat everybody I had always wanted to.

But the most important event of the week happened right after OQ. I returned to my room to dump the freebies and checked my mail. I had got a mail from Rashmi Bansal of JAM, who informed I had been selected as a panel member for a discussion in one of the FORTUNE CEO conferences!

A few days back I had sent a mail to Rashmi after reading this post. The post said, it was an international conference, but omg a FORTUNE conference! Nothing this exciting has happened to me ever and doubt it will, for a few more years.

A description  follows in the next post.

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