five guys and a few birds.

About two weeks before, me and a few friends made a weekend trip to a nearby sanctuary called Tal Chappar. The place was just awesome, but the road journey was horribly long because we took a few wrong buses to wrong places 😛 . None of us had ever gone to that place before, so we basically depended on localites to guide us in reaching the place. And how dearly we paid for it. We added 4 hours of extra travel.

The sanctuary is famous for birds of prey, black bucks, chinkaras, migratory storks, russel’s viper and spiny tail lizards. We saw a lot of birds, luckily one of friends was a bird enthusiast and I learned to differentiate between eagles, falcons and vultures and sparrows and larks etc.

Here are a few pictures we took there. I really can’t identify half of the birds. If you can, please comment.

A migratory Stork

A migratory stork

A (very rare) falcon.

A (very rare)falcon



Some Lark

A lark

Chinkaras and black bucks

Black bucks and chinkaras

Another Lark(?)


Demoiselle cranes(migratory)

Demoiselle cranes. Migratory birds.

A wasp

Mugshot of a wasp

Black buck ahead

Magnificent Black Buck

Male Black bucks fight for sexual favors from females. We saw nearly a dozen fights.

Black bucks fighting it out for sexual favors from females.

A falcon, I think

Is either a falcon or a vulture.

The plain of Taal Chappar

The plain.

Just inside the sanctuary.

About 5 hours later. We were dehydrated and could barely walk.

Tired after the day's travel under a hot sun.

On the way to the place, we took the bus ride on top of a bus. And then it rained…

View from the top

Thats all folks. This is the website of Tal Chappar sanctuary.

These photos were hosted on Zooomr.com, which BTW rocks.See more of my pictures here. I blogged about Zooomr a few months ago.

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