Still in high school and already earning.

I just had to blog on this.

Yesterday Techcrunch had an article on Playspan, which got funded 6.5million USD series A by four(well known) VCs. The article gained much popularity on the web, because apparently the founder, Arjun Mehta, is in his sixth grade. Yes, sixth grade.

People in the silicon valley are mostly engineered to startup. But, engineered to startup at sixth grade? That’s before you are officially taught, science is physics+chemistry+biology. A comment on the same article gave a link to Paicontent’s article on Playspan getting funded, but this time giving the name of the founder as Karl Mehta, who (thank god) is surely more than 40 years of age, considering his qualifications. This is obviously a more correct perspective of the whole situation, since I doubt VCs would yet-to-launch companies run by 9 year olds.

Anyways, the mangled truth is out there and doing better than the actual truth.

This got me thinking about the other really young entrepreneurs I’ve read about.

1. Ben Casnocha. The more famous among the young entrepreneurs. Did something at 13 years old. Did something again aged 14. I’m not sure anymore, since he’s today more well known as a speaker and author of the book My Startup Life. He’s currently 19.

2. Ashley Qualls. She runs Whateverlife.com. A source of web layouts for girls. Mostly myspace layouts. And also a magazine called whateverlife. She was recently in news, because courts wouldn’t allow her or her parents to touch her multi million dollar fortune, because of her age. She’s 17.

3. The sibling founders of Myyearbook.com. Two are aged 16 and 19.

4. There’s this chap I read about quite recently. An Indian aged 19, who moved to the silicon valley at 14 because the laws here wouldn’t allow him to start a company. I just can’t recollect his name. Somebody help me out with this.

Of course, none of these beat the 9 year old I mentioned earlier. If he’s got some association with founding of the company, hats off to him!

Ah! I feel so old at 19 🙂 . I’m late at starting up already!

Check out the top 30 entrepreneurs under 30 by Inc.com.

And before I forget, notice all of them have started up on the web.

update: I accidentally found this article on Ephren Taylor, who’s done quite a bit of stuff in his past 20 odd years.

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