Up yours, people of the world.

WordPress is irritating, writes the first post of the blog itself(and forgets to put a delete button beside it). An user-friendly feature, I presume. Anyways, I’m blogging again. From Xanga to Blogger to Livejournal to Vox to Tumblr to WordPress. I think I’ve run out of blogging platforms. My favorite is Tumblr of course. Very handy and easy on my brain. No extra jazz, just like a scrapbook, cut and paste.

So, why again? I read last year the internet produced 161 exabytes of data( I presume thats a large number) and tripling every year.I realized, as much as I enjoy the internet, I should also give something back. Add some data from me to all the information overload and confusion, na. Apparently people love the confusion as shown by the ever growing popularity of Digg, reddit, and a mashup of them called popurls. Cunning guys they all are, list absolutely random links and stuff on the site for people to read and a few years later, people come up with things like, “Can’t live without Digg.” You mean you can’t live without reading fifty webpages of useless text or spending office hours on watching monkeys scratch their butts on internet tv.

Where is the world going to?

Don’t let your head wander off in the sudden revelation of the fact that you really don’t know the answer. That question was purely rhetorical. I wouldn’t even bother answering it.

Whats up with the people of the world?

Hint: I’m not rhetorical twice in a row. Oh do you even care? I’m one among the above stated people of the world. I mean come on, I’m not blogging from secondlife you know. I’m a real person without a second life account. Don’t try to be clever, I’m not even Rambo342 from the gaming chat room you keep sneaking off to. Did I strike a chord? No? Ok, I’m one out of the dozen random blogs you read everyday. To find out if I took my dog to the vet or if my girlfriend who dumped me, came back crawling to me or worse to find out if, the iPhone got unlocked(you don’t even own one!). How long has it been since you checked up on your grandmother’s fracture? Lives are not so interesting if they actually exist, right? Can’t blame you for feeling guilty about talking to your dorm mate only on Gtalk or AOL messenger. After all your life’s too busy caring about random strangers on the internet.

So, the world’s going, where you are going, stupid. Into a web called the world wide web. Where everybody is just an user name with a pretty picture. People falling in love without ever having met. The competition for your girl is not the basketball star but the geek opposite to your room with a 40wpm typing speed. Scary isn’t it? You don’t even get to see the guy your GF dumps you for(of course even she doesn’t).

Don’t wonder whom to blame. Blame the 25yr olds, hoping to make money off websites to make social networking easier or the computer science geeks who want to make world’s information universally accessible by giving everything away for free.

People need to take a break and decide what really matters. If everybody thinks it’s cool to be islands and communicate using optical fibres, soon the place is going to be a mess.

I haven’t talked about gamers. I just can’t understand them.

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1 Response to “Up yours, people of the world.”

  1. February 3, 2011 at 11:04 pm

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