I’m currently in Chennai and having a very hard time. The previous weekend, I went to an ‘unconference’ on podcasting called podwroks.in. I don’t podcast and rarely listen to them, because of the bandwidth problems at my university. Most of the sessions weren’t good, and made the unconference not worth attending. I found the sessions by one of the sponsors Nautanki.tv quite exciting. I had heard and read quite a bit about this Indian internet video site, but accessed it for the first time at Podworks.

Nautanki.tv is India’s first internet Tv site. The content is produced specifically for the internet medium by directors. It is user driven , but not user generated content. It is more like Joost.com. They’ve got quite a lot of channels on humor, thrillers, news, short films, etc. I really loved their humor channel. The creators can make money from their channels by displaying advertisements before and after every show.

2 Responses to “Nautanki.tv”

  1. 1 roshni
    February 24, 2008 at 1:19 pm

    This nautanki.tv is such a failing business model~~~i heared an inside news that they are not even able to pay their rent and other such bills~~~HAHA~~~this is what happens
    when stupid people with no entreprenurial skills try to think that they are smart businessman~~~and they say that they pay you for showing off their content~~BULL****~~pay your bills first.
    then pay your customers~~~i hope all the bloggers stay away from their content~~~i dont think they will be able to pay you~~~BEWARE~~~

  2. 2 preeti
    February 25, 2008 at 8:00 pm


    haha thses new start ups . most of them are fraud. better stay away from them

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