I’m currently in Chennai for my 8 weeks internship at Cancer Institute, Adyar. I was initially not very pleased about interning at a hospital, cause I just imagined sick patients with gloom painted on the walls. Yes, what happens on Scrubs or Grey’s anatomy is staged and mostly ridiculous. I’m luckily intelligent enough for such TV shows and din’t end up being a doctor because I love Biology. Anyways, the part about sick patients and gloom on the walls is quite true. But luckily there’s more. The labs are the place where the real action takes place and not in the operation theatre, surely not in the doctor’s chamber. My current week is in the pathology, rather histopathology department. That is the place where they take a look at you tissue and report wether the tissue is cancerous or not and the grade of cancer. This place is relly crucial, because depending on the pathologist’s report, the doctor prescribes treatment, surgery etc. If a non-malignant tumour(non-cancerous) is reported wrongly as malignant, then the surgeon cuts up a lot of tissue. Which means, if you’ve got breast cancer, your whole breast is gone, if you finger has a cancerous bone, then you whole palm is removed. Of course it is done to prevent all possibilities of cancer in the future.

I’ve just learnt how to identify tumerous parts and make sections for the pathologists to examine. The pathologists are the elite group, everybody looks up to them and though all they do is stare down a microscope all-day. Of course detecting cancer in early stage is their biggest challenge, cause though in the last stages cancerous cells look as evil as cells possibly can, the early stage cells are innocent looking and not-differentiable from original cells. Upto the pathologist to detect cancer and save somebody’e life/body part.

The pathology lab in cancer institue is a nice(sterilized) place. friendly people, one hot pathologist, three ancient women and two guys to cut up amputated parts.

More to come when i get my computer here and internet access through firefox.

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