Hot or not is now free!

This one’s for the new Hugh McLeod, who knows math.

Hotornot is an unique dating site, where all the jazz of searching for similar tastes and interests are done away with. Instead you are shown pictures and you get to rate them on a scale from 1-10. If you click yes on a picture, then the next time they come online, they are shown your picture and if a match occurs, then a connection is made. Till recently you had to pay 5$ per month for mailing to connections, now you can do so without paying anything.

The creators of the site James and Jim have decided they’ve made enough money off people, so they ripped apart their business model and now make money only by displaying advertisements.

There are some 28,600,000 photos online, so you’ll never run out of people. While I’ve never really tried making a connection, I’ve spent a lot of time, just rating people :). It’s addictive!


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