Happy birthday Mom! (And how I remembered it)

Happy birthday mom!Flowers2mail website on which you can create/design virtual bouquets and mail it with a card to people. Its not really a great website, but its fun for a change from the boring( and loud) ecards that people around on birthdays and other occasions. And then as they say, flowers say it the best :).
You have a choice between six types of flowers and with four colors for each type.
I made one for my mother. Here’s the link. But of course my mother doesn’t use email(or the internet) and even if she did, I would get killed for being ‘so lazy’.

Now how I remembered it.

Simple, I used Hipcal. Hipcal is one of the best online personal organizers around. The interface is simple, attractive and the features easy to understand and use. You can save events on the calendar, save notes and create task lists in your account.

On the calendar you can list your activities or events for a particular date, time. You have the option for getting a reminder for the event either by email or text-message on your phone. And you have standard features like listing public events on your calendar(viewable by all) and joining public groups like your college events calendar, movie schedule of your local cable company etc. Then you can also add friends to view their events and calendar.Google calendar is currently the most popular calendar around for the simple reason that its a Google product. The features of hipcal that make it the best among the available organizers are

  1. To-do Lists: Such a feature is super useful and more so when you can view it along with the calendar.
  2. Memos: Add short notes for yourself or your friends to view.
  3. Calendar: The calendar has a neat attractive, easy to use interface. The spartan look of google calendar with its blue colors, do not really please the eye. Feature wise the calendar is the same.
  4. Get reminders on phone: Text-reminders can be sent to your phone. And its not only in the US, but also in some European and Asian countries.

Here’s a screen-shot of my account.

Take a ride. Try the demo account of hipcal before signing up.

Use hipcal and get organized!

Tell me what do you think.

1 Response to “Happy birthday Mom! (And how I remembered it)”

  1. 1 pichi
    April 29, 2007 at 1:09 am

    Nice bouquets.

    but not only for birthdays !

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