You bet!

Betsgowild.com is a place where you can place bets online, with your friends, with other online members. The best part is, you never really lose anything(other than a little self-respect of course).

So its perfect for guys like me who love the phrase ” really? You ready to bet on that??” And then lose the bet and with it money worth lots of dinners(Last bet I made. off-line, cost me Rs. 240 😦 ) Of course betsgowild.com made up for that loss(details further ahead in the post!).

On Betsgowild, you get a balance of WildBucks when you register. And then of course you got to win bets to increase you pot. Even if you blow away all your stash, you can get more bucks by referring friends.
Check out the bet below(and say “yes way” plz!)

I bet Rai is the most beautiful woman in the world!!!.
Bet by: yooyoo
Member Since: 03/22/07
Last date to participate Ends: 04/29/07
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Well I’m sure you’ll love it. And if you are making a bet, do invite me! I’m sitting on a load of cash right now 😉 .Why Betsgowild.com?

  1. You love betting, but hate losing cash.
  2. You hate betting because you hate the idea of losing cash.
  3. You are sleepy and need a nice distraction.

Now for the story I promised above about betsgowild.com making up for the loss of my previous bet.
A few weeks after I registered, I got this pleasant surprise when I found this Ebay.com’s gift voucher for 5$ in my mailbox. I have got no clue why I got it, especially since I wasn’t quite active on the scene. But then free money is just awesome! And I also did something very interesting with the money. Read about it here.

Happy betting!


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1 Response to “You bet!”

  1. 1 Jeremy
    April 21, 2007 at 2:39 pm

    Hi Abhishek, this is just a basic copycat of a site that has launched recently and that had been TechCrunched earlier this year (Gottabet.com). Gottabet has many more features, a stronger community flavor, celebs, and many more good bets. You bet my choice is easy 🙂

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